visual design

to tell
your story

Every image has a story.

Are you using yours to tell the story that you want to be told?
In a sea of imagery and messages, over stimulated eyes are bombarded with more info than a mind can handle. Is your story getting lost in the shuffle?

You may think that you don't have a story to tell. You are just trying to sell your product or market your service to potential customers.

Every time we see words on a page or images on a screen, there's a story being told and you want to make sure that you are in control of what is being said. Those stories can exist in a variety of media.

A brochure introducing a new product coming to market

A video showing the juicy BBQ of a local restaurant

An illustration highlighting the migration process of Canadian geese

A painting created right in front of your eyes during a music concert

A book about the adventures of an imaginative boy

A sculpture from a mythical creature
sitting on your mantel

Our world is full of stories, and my job is create well designed ones worth sharing.
Let me help tell your story!
The only bad story is one that is never told.
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Let's tell your story.


todd damotte
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